Understanding your own electric bill shouldn’t require super-powers

40% of the electricity your home uses goes to waste. Glow helps you see energy use as it happens so you can cut the waste and save money.

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Glow Notifications

Home decor meets rocket science

Glow’s elegantly designed in-home unit provides visual feedback. Meanwhile, a breakthrough sensor monitors your home’s electricity usage without any wiring.

  • Smart energy indicator glows to show real-time energy usage
  • Ambient light sensor adjusts brightness at night
  • Connects to Wifi and sends your usage to the mobile app
Glow and Sensor
  • Patent-pending sensor attaches to your meter in seconds
  • Magneto-resistive technology wirelessly measures power usage
  • Low-power radio sends data into your home for processing
Glow App - iOS and Android

See usage spikes on your smartphone... rather than in your bank account

Monitor your home's energy usage, set monthly spending goals, and get customizable alerts -- all in real time.

Set Goals

Tell Glow how much you want to spend. Glow will forecast your electricity costs and help you stay on track.

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Glow Notification

Receive Alerts

Create custom notifications to alert you about abnormal usage that could result in a huge electric bill.

Glow with wooden base, in living room

Upgrade your Home

A solid hardwood base (optional) provides a natural home accent

Meet the team behind Glow

Glow was created by a team of engineers, designers, and developers in Athens, Ohio. Our mission is to help homeowners understand their energy usage, save money, and reduce their environmental impact—right inside their homes.

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See your home’s energy use. Lower your electric bills. Make a difference.