About Us

Who We Are

Potential Labs is a small startup nestled in the hills of Southeast Ohio and part of the Appalachian region. We strive to build solutions that help today’s consumers quantify their use of resources with the goal of reducing waste. Reducing waste saves users money and provides an important reduction of a home’s impact on the environment.

Why Glow Matters

The price of energy has increased faster than inflation over the past 15 years and America’s residential housing stock, on average, wastes almost 40% of the energy that it’s occupants pay for each month. Together these factors translate into heightened energy cost to mainstream consumers.

Additionally, it is more important than ever for individuals to make personal efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. Reduced energy use directly correlates to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from energy production.

Glow is an easy first step that consumers can take towards combating waste, high cost, and the environmental impact of energy production.

Company facts

  • Founded in 2014 with the goal of developing an energy monitoring solution that was safe to install and easy to use for mainstream Americans.
  • Potential Labs is located in Athens Ohio, a college town and small hub for green tech in Ohio. Athens is home to Stirling engine and cryocooler research along with two of Ohio’s oldest solar installers.
  • Potential Labs plans to manufacture Glow in the USA with a focus on keeping manufacturing partners as local as possible to bring the maximum positive effect in their economically depressed region of Appalachian Ohio.
  • Glow aims to integrate with other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest and others.

Meet the team behind Glow

Glow was created by a team of designers, scientists, and engineers in Athens, Ohio. Our mission is to help homeowners understand their energy usage, save money, and reduce their environmental impact—right inside their homes.

Potential Labs Team
  • Ben Lachman (Co-founder, CEO)

    Ben has been building software for Apple platforms for the past 15 years. He’s started two small software companies (Acacia Tree Software and Nice Mohawk Limited), and his apps have been used by millions worldwide. Ben got interested in energy efficiency after having a Solar PV system installed on his first home in 2009.

  • Robin Kinney (Co-founder, CTO)

    Robin is an electrical engineer and manager with 25 years of experience in the Silicon Valley medical device industry. His past experience covers research, development, and software quality management. Robin was part of the team that produced the first fetal pulse oximeter used during labor and delivery. Over the past 10 years, Robin has been active in the energy monitoring space, as well as doing energy efficiency work with nonprofits in Southeast Ohio.

  • Karen Davis (CFO)

    25+ years of experience helping companies achieve objectives. Multiple CFO positions in addition to management roles in accounting & VC firms.

  • Andrew Cantino, MSCS (Technical Advisor)

    Software guy. Previously Principal Engineer at Hightower, Chief Architect at Mavenlink, Consultant at Pivotal Labs. Background in physics, machine learning, & web security.

  • Eric Marcoullier (Advisor)

    Product guy. Original mentor at TechStars Boulder. Past startups: IGN, MyBlogLog (acquired by Yahoo), Gnip (acquired by Twitter) & OneTrueFan (acquired by BigDoor).

  • Dr. Kirk Rowe, Ph.D. (Advisor)

    USAF Lt. Colonel & Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist with experience in behavioral psychology and work on energy efficiency with the Air Force.