Do I need a smart home?

No, although it might be nice. We like smart devices from eMotorWerks, iDevices, Philips, Amazon, and Lifx–just to name a few. Have a device you love and you’d like it to talk to Glow? Let us know!

Do I need an electrician to install Glow?

Nope. Glow can be install safely, no wiring required, by pretty much anyone.

It takes most people about 10 minutes to install Glow. Depending on your house it could be a bit shorter, or longer.

Does Glow work with every electric meter?

Not yet. But it does work with the most common types.

Glow currently works with digital meters in the most common installation configurations:

Supported Meters

You also might want to make sure your meter box has space for the Glow sensor. Here’s an easy way to check:

Sensor Fit

The last thing to think about is how far away your meter is from your home. For instance, some meters are detached from the main structure, or a few floors away. If you can’t get a good Wifi signal from your home’s router at your meter, Glow’s sensor probably won’t be able to talk to the in-home unit.

We’re always trying to improve our sensor technology to support more solutions. Sign up here to stay up to date when we support new meters.

How do you install Glow?


  1. Plug the Glow unit into an outlet in your home.

  2. Place the Glow sensor on your meter box.

  3. Download the app and follow the directions to add Glow to your home Wifi.

  4. Next, you’ll be asked to plug the Glow unit into a few additional outlets around your home. This will calibrate Glow to your home and may take a few minutes.

How does Glow work?

Glow’s breakthrough wireless sensor uses magneto-resistive sensing to measure the inductive fields created as energy flows through the meter box and into your home. This type of magneto-resistive sensing was first popularized for consumer use in smart phones, where it is used to sense the magnetic field of the earth for the compass app. Glow’s sensor sends energy data wirelessly to the base unit where it is processed and sent to Glow’s cloud service.

Glow analyzes your home’s energy usage to understand how and when you use energy. If you’re using more than normal, Glow turns amber, then red. When you’re saving money, it glows green. And when you have extended high usage, like if someone accidentally left the oven on or the A/C cranked, Glow sends you a helpful notification.

What are the system requirements?

You’ll need a smartphone running a recent version of either iOS or Android and Wifi that you can connect Glow to.

Will Glow work outside the US?

Currently Glow only works with meter configurations in the US and Canada since they share the same grid. We’d love to expand to other countries in the future however.

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Will Glow work with my solar panels?

Glow currently is planned to work with solar installations that include EnPhase inverter systems. For an EnPhase Solar PV system to integrate with Glow, it must be connected to the internet for solar output monitoring. If you’d like to be part of testing Glow’s solar support, email us at [email protected].